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Espace Encore

ENCORE with its purified traits and its simple structure in symbiosis with its raffined sunbreakers offers sober and majestious esthetics .
ENCORE   offers 12 duplex apartments and 03 penthouses with swimming pools and Jacuzzi.

  • FLOW : Spaces that will rythm your everyday life and turn it alive and surprising. Because happiness doesnt accomodate itself with the boredom of forms and habits of moves
  • UNION : Between tradition and modernity, we provide you with your intimate univers, where all that is offered is within currently in you and in becoming. Your household is our desire of harmony, your family is the object of all of our architectural attentions.
  • MOVE :These apartments are an ode to life, an anthem to progress and an invitation to a desire for an enlighted horizon. We are what you are : Enthousiastic and full of dreams.
  • FEEL : We crafted your living space, animate it. Create your life, The Universe is at your reach. New York, ? Miami ? Paris ? Dakar ?... Out of the notes of John Coltrane… Dakar … The heart of the world : Yours. A world of taste, of great taste.
  • VIEW : The panorame incites you to travel and to new spaces to conquer. Because having a vision is a matter of posture and height of view. Because dreams dont suffer limits.

Common area

ENCORE offers amenities to its occupants to enjoy a pleasant lifestyle .

  • one common pools with 25m
  • gymnasium
  • playroom
  • daycare
  • management office